Why Is RAM An Important Spec On Mobile Devices?

Neal WeaverOctober 25, 2021
Why Is RAM An Important Spec On Mobile Devices?

Heading out to buy a smartphone, you’ll hear all about the various specifications- RAM, operating system, processor, storage, and more. For many, the details of these specifications are confusing, and you may wonder which specs are right for you. Here, we focus on one of them- the RAM. We talked to a panel of experts about the importance of RAM on mobile devices, and they explained all you need to know about RAM and why it is so important.

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RAM allows your phone to respond to the demands of different applications at the same time, greatly improving your phone's multitasking options. Mobile Games now have advanced graphics and features and require more RAM. In addition, not only games but also the quality of cell phone cameras were significantly affected by this increase. More memory is required to optimize image quality. RAM allows your phone to respond to the demands of different applications at the same time. The minimum 4GB of RAM for Android has become the standard today, and iOS will soon accept 4GB by default. Smartphones now offer users many additional options, such as sending messages, watching videos, and playing games. However, each of these applications consumes a lot of memory and processing power. Therefore, smartphones with large RAM capacity can run multiple applications at the same time. Increased memory gives improved systems and software more flexibility and enables users to do more.

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RAM is very important because it determines the speed of the device. If you have a small RAM, it will take forever for each application to load. If a phone didn't have RAM, apps would fully close whenever you switch apps, i.e.; nothing would be stored temporarily. That means apps would need to fully reopen as if you opened them for the first time after turning on your phone, which causes a delay before you can use the app. So, for the sake of a smooth user experience, RAM is extremely important.

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RAM is indeed an important spec when choosing a new smartphone. The reason is simple- smartphones are used for multitasking and every application you keep on standby holds its data in RAM. It means your smartphone needs to be equipped with at least 4GB or 6GB to perform all the tasks efficiently.

If you are an average smartphone user who only needs to browse a few websites, stream videos, use applications like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram, any smartphone with 4GB RAM will work for you. However, if you want to edit videos, play games, or run heavy applications, a smartphone with 6GB RAM is the best choice for you.

Another important thing is the lifespan of a smartphone. A smartphone with 2GB or 4GB won’t last long as the new updates and applications won’t be compatible with this temporary storage. That is why we always find these phones with 2GB or 4GB RAM lagging after a couple of years.

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RAM is important because it determines how a mobile device performs in terms of speed. It provides a place for applications to store and access data on a short-term basis. When an app is opened, it is loaded onto the RAM, and then the processor accesses it directly from there. Compared to other types of storage, RAM allows faster access to files and makes it possible to switch between applications quickly. It lets one return to a previously used app and picks up right where they left. 

Without RAM, it would be almost impossible to minimize apps and have them run in the background, and one would have to start and run every application afresh if they exit it. The larger RAM a phone has, the more applications it can run concurrently without slowing down significantly.

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RAM is a super-fast storage type that enables your mobile device to work faster. Typically, when you switch on your device and launch an app for the first time, it gets the app data and operating system from the main storage. The main storage is quite slow. However, the device stores the information of the now open apps in the RAM, which is faster. This enables you to work on the app and access its different features quickly.

The information remains stored in the RAM even if you switch to another app. You can come back to this initial app and pick up from where you left. If your device did not have RAM, apps would close when you are finished working on them. They would take a long time to reopen because you would have to access them from the main storage. A mobile device without RAM will still be slow even if it has the fastest chip in the world.

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In my opinion, RAM is one of the most critical specs, particularly for mobile devices. You'll find pretty much all mobile devices these days carry some RAM, ranging from phones, tablets, and notebooks.

One example of RAM is how it affects your battery life. If you have more RAM, your battery life will be extended because apps don't need to constantly reload their data like they would if you had less RAM. It also affects how responsive a device can be due to having more memory. With more RAM, the device will be able to use all of its memory effectively.

Even though you might not notice it when using most apps, each app uses some RAM. Even the operating system, system libraries, and startup apps need to read and write data in memory. So no matter what type of device you have, the percentage is relatively high, with over 24 billion devices out there.

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