Which CPU Cooler Company Is The Best

Catherine ManiscalcoNovember 2, 2021
Which CPU Cooler Company Is The Best

What’s the best way to cool your computer? The answer is a CPU cooler. If you want more out of your gaming PC, make sure that it has an adequate cooling system and not one with poor airflow which will cause overheating problems in short order.

Noctua NH-D15

For those who are looking for high-performing yet affordable CPU coolers, the Noctua NH-D15 is an excellent choice. Not only does it perform well or better than some more expensive liquid coolers, but it's also nearly silent during operation. Thanks to their proprietary fan design that stops spinning when not required by ensuring lower noise levels. With decades worth of experience designing cooling systems, this means you know your product will run smoothly without any hiccups!

Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition

Cooler Master's Hyper 212 CPU RGB cooler is back with a sporting and vengeance the sleek gun-metal black finish that it's known for. It's not only a jet black look that will help you stay cool under pressure - though there are nickel-plated fin blades to complete this beautiful design!

The Hyper 212 EVO is no doubt one of the best CPU coolers on today's market. It features a stacked fin array that reduces airflow resistance, four heat pipes with Direct Contact Technology for better battling against the heat, and a wide speed range to fine-tune cooling performance.

Noctua NH-L9

The Noctua NH-L9 is a tiny but powerful cooler that can cool any build with no compromises. It's perfect for anyone who wants to maintain their small form factor or doesn't want liquid cooling in their system, and it even tackles extreme builds without breaking a sweat!

NZXT Kraken Z-3

The NZXT Kraken Z-3 is a classy choice for both beginners and experts. Firstly, thanks to its vibrant 2.36 inch LCD screen that displays the 24-bit color, you can customize settings like never before with total ease or even display your favorite images in HD resolutions if desired! More importantly, though, it isn't just what this cooler offers but also how easy it'll be installing one yourself; everything about them screams "done!"

Corsair iCUE H115i Elite Capellix

The Corsair iCUE H115i Elite Capellix is an excellent choice for those who want to have bright, customizable RGB lighting in their system. The low-noise centrifugal pump and split flow copper cold plate ensure that your computer's cooling never has any problems with this powerful liquid cooler!

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