Tips for Cooling Graphic Cards

Catherine ManiscalcoSeptember 29, 2021,
Tips for Cooling Graphic Cards

The Graphics Card is one of your PC’s most vital and expensive components, so it goes without saying that it requires attention and good maintenance. Using graphics cards for high-end graphics work or even gaming requires more GPU usage, causing it to heat up more quickly. This could lower its performance, but more importantly, it could damage the GPU or reduce its lifespan.

No need to panic- we consulted the tech experts, and here are their top recommendations on how you can cool your GPU;

Replace The Thermal Paste

A lot of GPU temperature issues are the result of the thermal paste drying up. Reapplying it can drastically improve your thermals. Make sure not to skimp on this and get the best possible compound for your budget. There are many guides available online for help with the application process. 

Undervolt Your GPU

This is a bit of a lesser-known tip, but it can be very effective. If you find your GPU performance throttling because of the high temperatures, it'll be worthwhile to reduce its clock speeds with MSI Afterburner, which will favor lesser power consumption and increased lifespan over raw performance.

Ensure Proper Airflow In Your Casing

Too many builds suffer from either not enough fans or less-than-ideal airflow. Check the ratio of intake to exhaust fans, and consider using aftermarket GPU fans if your casing came with the cheaper kind. 

Patrick Sinclair, Founder and Tech Blogger Allhomerobotics.com

Clean The Fan And Heat Sink

Your graphic card might be overheating because the fan isn’t working properly or there is no air circulation. This is one of the first things to check for before going for more complicated fixes. If there is an accumulation of dust in the fan, then it might not function well, and your graphic card might overheat.

Cindy Corpis, CEO of SearchPeopleFree.net

Liquid Cooling Set

One recommendation is to buy a liquid cooling set for your graphics card. A liquid cooling set is a system designed to place one or more computer fans on the graphics card heatsink, with water-cooling tubing running through the VGA's cooler(s), which are positioned in contact on top of an area containing high amounts of liquid, usually water-based.

This being conducted several times overpasses between each condenser before being cooled by an outer layer of coolant, which transforms this condensation into vapor and then pushes it away from the system while the remaining liquid coolant replenishes these areas.

For some liquid coolers, this process transforms into two separate tubes carrying water-based fluid on either side of your GPU's manifold.

Jamie Hickey, the I.T Specialist at coffeesemantics.com

Take Good Advantage Of Custom Fan Curves

Custom fan curve allows you to modify your GPU's fan speed parallel to its temperature. Now, in order to maximize your GPU fan's potential, you can use the custom fan curve to set the fans to run on maximum on a specific temperature range. This could help dissipate heat much faster and give the GPU fresher air to take.

Erin Zadoorian, Executive Editor and CEO of the Ministry of Hemp

Underclock Your GPU

If your GPU has been overheating, a quick and easy solution to solve this is to underclock your GPU. There can be a number of reasons as to why your GPU is seeing an increase in temperature. Reducing the clock speeds will lower the power consumption and, in the long run, increase the lifespan of your graphics card. It is a quick and easy solution that can be done with 3rd party software such as MSI afterburner. It won’t require you to clean GPU fans or reapply thermal paste and can be used as a short-term or long-term solution.

Drew Kalinski, PC enthusiast and Founder of Rigvana; a site dedicated to computer builds, hardware and peripherals.

Cost-Effective Ways For Keeping Your GPU Cool

The modern generation GPUs are made powerful to handle high-end graphical functions. However, the graphic cards require continuous power flow to execute those functions, making them incredibly heat up. Since it is advised to keep the temperature of GPU less than 80 degrees Celsius, some measures must be taken to maintain that temperature range.

To cool down your GPU, you can use many tricks like adding an extra fan, adding a water cooling system, and more. However, you can efficiently cool down your GPU without spending any extra money. Here are the top ways to do that: 

  • Keep your GPU drivers regularly updated;
  • Regularly clean the GPU to clear off dust. The accumulated dust can be a reason for unnecessary heat;
  • One of the most important things is to ensure that the airflow in the closed case is appropriately maintained. For that, you have to manage the cables and remove the unnecessary attachments from the case;
  • Ensure that the fan is working properly and there is proper space to blow out the hot air from the case. Most people tend to ignore this and thereby block the air flowing out of the GPU;
  • Never overclock your GPU because an overclocked GPU might require an additional fan to cool down. You will rarely find any difference in the performance of a normal and an overclocked GPU.

Peter Brown, Technical Content Writer WindowsChimp

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