How to Set Up a Burner Phone

Neal WeaverJune 24, 2021,
How to Set Up a Burner Phone

A burner phone is a prepaid mobile that you can discard or destroy when you do not need it anymore. You might use one for privacy reasons, during any emergency or as a last resort. A burner SIM is a prepaid, cheap sim card that you may insert into another phone. You can plan on only using the SIM card for a limited period and not linking it to your real identity (which makes it perfect if you want to be discreet in case someone was snooping through your calls or texts). In this article we are going to discuss how to set up a burner phone but before that let’s take a look on the information you will need to set up your burner phone

 Save the following information before setting up your burner phone

When you’re setting up your burner phone, you’ll want to save the following information in your password manager:

  • Username and password for your prepaid mobile service account
  • Again the username and password for your burner Google account
  • PIN number in order to unlock your phone
  • A PIN number for Signal
  • Any other login information or PINs related to your mobile phone

How to set up a burner phone

Here are some basic steps to set up your burner phone. Let’s look at them. 

  • Insert the prepaid Mobile SIM card and then active the phone service
  • Create a burner Google account in order to go along with the burner phone
  • Install the system updates, and adjust the Android settings to stay secure and prevent the leaking of data.
  • Install and configure the Signal app, and add the contacts you’ll need during the protest to the device in such a way that they don’t get uploaded to the cloud.
  • Install your required social media apps
  • Set up Google Photos to automatically upload videos and photos to the cloud so that you’ll be able to recover them from another device even if police impound or break your phone

I hope this article was helpful in setting up your burner phone. If you have any questions, feel free to mention them in the comment section below.


Do burner phones need a plan? 

Prepaid cell phones are the perfect fit for people looking to get a phone quickly and easily. They're available at many locations, ready to use when you arrive, and they can even be disposable.

Are burner phones illegal?

No, they are not illegal. In fact, burner phones offer an added layer of security between you and the people who are looking to hack your phone or may be trying to perform some illegal activities.

Does Walmart sell burner phones?

Walmart is the leading retailer of burner phones in America, and it's for a good reason. You can buy a phone from Walmart at affordable prices with many brands to choose from. The best part? A Walmart burner doesn't need a contract, so you can use them whenever without spending money!

How do you tell if a phone is a burner?

A burner phone number is more traceable than you might think. It goes through a cellular carrier or virtual operator, and your identity can be tracked using data usage, call logs, approximate location (through GPS), and text messages. Law enforcement has the ability to force companies to provide this information too!

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