Our Team


Gina worked as a senior analyst for one of the USA's top broadcasting companies, particularly a morning show most Americans grew up with before joining the company. She now spearheads the team in bringing the most relevant and meaningful news to our folks weekly.
Gina Wells

Catherine Maniscalco

Editorial Director
Catherine Maniscalco
Catherine is our person-in-charge of advertising our publication online and has a pool of team members training to become our top correspondents for the freshest news and scoops.

Samuel Sevigny

Senior Associate Reviews Editor
Our proud deadline-enforcer, Samuel, leads our team of writers in ensuring we uphold the best content quality we have for our general news content.
Samuel Sevigny

Neal Weaver

Writer & Reviewer
Neal Weaver
Neal works alongside Samuel and has helped curate some of the most helpful, mind-stirring content we have on the platform.

Sharon West

Research Editor
Sharon leads a remote team of researchers from all around the USA and its neighboring countries and has the mission of bringing us the best news there is out there.
Sharon West
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