How to Clean: Desktop Monitor

Gina WellsMay 3, 2021
How to Clean: Desktop Monitor

Dust, dirt, debris, fingerprints, are some things that might not damage your desktop screen in the long run, but these things look unhygienic and they tend to distract you while watching something on your desktop screen or working on an important project. 

We use screens every day, which means it’s important that we take care of them too. If your monitor is dirty or has smudges on the surface of the screen, you need to clean it as soon as possible. You might be thinking that cleaning your desktop screen would be an easy task, but actually, it is not as simple as it seems. Here is how you can clean the desktop monitor.

Cleaning Procedure

The one thing you need to keep in mind is that the screen of your desktop monitor is very sensitive. You should avoid the use of alcohol and other cleaning detergents. Never apply soap, window cleaner, or any product that contains alcohol or ammonia. Even paper towels, old shirts, or pads can damage your screen. 

We suggest you use a soft cleaning cloth slightly soaked with distilled water. Plain tap water might contain minerals that may leave marks on your screen. Using a soft microfiber cleaning cloth and a bottle of distilled water, follow the guidelines mentioned below to clean your desktop screen.

  • Turn off your computer system and do not forget to disconnect the cables. Wait for your monitor to cool down before you proceed to the next step. 
  • Now take a clean and soft microfiber cloth and remove the dust from the desktop screen. Do not press hard on the screen, just gently wipe off all the dust.
  • The next step is to dip the cloth in distilled water. If there are any stains on the screen, you can add 40% vinegar to the distilled water. Before using the cloth for cleaning the screen, wring all the excess water from it so that it is damp, not soaking wet.
  • Now carefully wipe the desktop screen using the damp piece of cloth. Once again, be careful not to press your fingers against the monitor’s screen as it can damage the screen.
  • When you are done with the cleaning process, let the monitor dry out completely. Once it is dry, you can switch on the desktop and start using your freshly cleaned monitor.

Important Tips:

Please follow these important tips to ensure that you don’t end up doing harm instead of good when you set out to clean your desktop monitor.

  • Turn off your computer system before cleaning it.
  • Avoid using an excessive amount of cleaning solution like vinegar.
  • Never spray liquid directly on the screen.
  • Before cleaning your desktop screen, it is better to read manufacturer instructions as well.
  • After cleaning the screen, use a dry piece of soft cloth to absorb the excess moisture from the surface of the screen.

Keeping your desktop monitor screen clean is important because if you fail to do so, some stains may become permanent. Taking the time to clean your desktop monitor screen regularly will improve your monitor’s lifespan while ensuring you get the best viewing experience possible. 

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