How Do You Determine Which Type of Computer – Tablet, Laptop, or Desktop – Is Best?

Gina WellsMay 5, 2021,
How Do You Determine Which Type of Computer – Tablet, Laptop, or Desktop – Is Best?

These days you aren’t limited to any single device. You can choose from a number of devices to get what suits you best. So to help you decide what’s best for you, we are drawing a comparison of the specifications of a tablet, a laptop and a desktop computer. 


Probably the first and foremost factor that determines what is best for you. If you don’t mind a stationary computer then a desktop is the best value for money. But if you want a degree of portability, a laptop could do better. If you need a computer system in your hand, on the go, then go for a tablet.


Do you work long hours away from power sources? In that case, you’ll want a battery that can last long. While a laptop has a reasonably good battery, it also runs too many components and so consumes the battery much faster too. A new battery could last about 2-3 hours at most, with battery life decreasing with time.

A tablet battery actually lasts much longer as it runs very components with a more simple interface.

A desktop, of course, would require you to set up with a power supply source.


Desktops always pack more processing power as compared to a laptop of the same price. Desktops are also easily upgraded to improve performance, whereas a laptop is very limited. A tablet packs the least processing power and is more suitable for simpler tasks.


A desktop usually comes with much greater storage than a tablet, ranging from over 250GB (lower limit) - 1TB and over. A tablet has a maximum of 80-150GB. Laptops are usually on the same level as a desktop when we talk of storage capacity, but they would cost more comparatively.


While more power generally does mean better speed, however, a tablet with its simple interface and task load, and fewer components, is relatively faster than a computer. Computers have to run far more components and so are comparatively slower than a tablet.


A desktop and laptop have far more software options available than a tablet. A tablet while has a fair number of apps in the store, it doesn’t compare to the range available to desktops and laptops.


With all these pros and cons before you, you can now easily determine which device is for you. You need to first think of why you need the computer. If you need the computer for multimedia tasks, a desktop is a better option. For portability and lighter load tasks (like document writing), a laptop can do just fine. A tablet is good if you need to view content more than create content.

Which computer type do you think is best suited for your use?

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