How To Tell Generation Of Intel Processor

If you have a laptop or even a desktop system, then it is possible to find out what generation of ...
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Which Is The Best Intel Core Processor

If you have already sided with Team Blue in the Intel vs. AMD debate, then we've provided a rundown of ...
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Which CPU Cooler Company Is The Best

What’s the best way to cool your computer? The answer is a CPU cooler. If you want more out of ...
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What Is The Best Air Cooler For CPU

A PC's lifespan and performance depend on the cooling system. The better designed your ventilation, the healthier it will be ...
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Best Ways to Purchase a Graphics Card

If you are a gamer or work with high-quality graphics, your PC system will require a high-end graphics card. However, ...
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How to Deal With Computer Slow Performance Issues

A slow or lagging computer is a common issue many users have to deal with and a very annoying one. ...
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What Is The Best Streaming CPU

Live streaming has become an integral part of gaming and online culture, with more people than ever tempted to jump ...
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