9 Biggest Challenges To Organizations In IoT Implementation

Gina WellsJuly 22, 2021,
9 Biggest Challenges To Organizations In IoT Implementation

As we enter the era of the Internet of Things, we need to understand more about the challenges we can face when we set out to implement it. Talking to professionals in the field, we gathered a list of challenges organizations and businesses can face when incorporating IoT systems.

“Implementing IoT is not just easy as it sounds, it takes a lot of pre-planning and proper execution to successfully execute. Many businesses fail to appreciate the value of implementing because its benefits don't just begin once the implementation is done, it takes time, hence many businesses focus on reducing operating costs of IoT and miss out on many IoTs abilities.” (Harriet Chan)

  1. High Investment and Maintenance Costs

“The major challenge in implementing IoT is its high investment and maintenance costs. Sensors and Networking are the essential parts of IoT. But not every machine is equipped with an advanced system and may fail to provide the results. The absence of certain sensors and networking systems makes a system incapable and more complex.

IoT brings out a lot of data. Handling a lot of data can be difficult at the start. The organization should be prepared to handle and analyze this big chunk of data and should possess the right skill set and mind frame to operate the data to run the business better.”

Harriet Chan, Co-Founder of CocoFinder

  1. Data Security Issues

“More and more people are becoming concerned about IoT security as cyberattacks increase. IoT devices will be more vulnerable to cyberattacks in the future. Corporations are inherently prone to data leaking. However, hacks may originate in either the corporate side or the consumer side. The burden of solving this security problem falls on those who create IoT software. They must account for all attack angles, including protecting users from themselves. The password-change procedure begins with basic prompts such as changing the default password.” (Veronica Miller)

  1. Value to Customers

“IoT solutions face several hurdles, including providing value to customers. Companies should be clear about the value they expect to achieve from IoT. An IoT value proposition should take into account not just the operations and business value of a product or service but also its impact on the customer. 

“Replacing operators with IoT solutions is a very significant decision. Before implementing a change, companies should consider how the user experience will alter. In order to keep great assistance, make modifications.” (Veronica Miller)

  1. Inadequate Tactics

“Common mistakes are generally made in implementing ill-conceived UX solutions, inadequate tactics, and weak transitional procedures. A holistic customer experience approach that focuses on making customers comfortable and improving value is necessary. Thus, the majority of organizations implement full-cycle IoT solutions, which include sensors, a network, and software. Increasing system performance typically requires outside help.”

Veronica Miller, Cybersecurity Expert VPNoverview

  1. IoT Data Storage Challenge

“IoT devices are used by businesses to gather real-time and continuous data that helps them make better business decisions and improve customer satisfaction. However, acquired data must be processed and sent in a suitable format for storage on storage systems, pushing businesses to reconsider their data storage infrastructures. Data generated by the Internet of Things must be stored by businesses, and this data is growing at an exponential rate. The majority of IoT data (unstructured or structured) is used to develop insights through analytical activities.. The analyzed data must be returned to a central terminal. As a result, large-capacity and high-speed storage, as well as improved memory processing technologies, are in great demand.”

Eric McGee, Senior Network Engineer TRGDatacenters

  1. Processing of Unstructured Data

“The addition of one of the many new sensors requires the processing of massive amounts of unstructured data. IoT software must be properly configured and deployed in order to organize, analyze, and filter out the most usable data. Furthermore, unstructured data is difficult to keep and analyze in the future.

“This difficulty is temporarily solved by combining IoT and Big Data, which speeds up the analytical process. However, Big Data is big in and of itself, which makes IoT software development more difficult. Integrating IoT solutions with Big Data tools is a protracted process that some of the biggest names in tech are working on.”

Thilo Huellmann, CTO levity.ai

  1. Difficulties with Incorrect Data Capture

“Even if all prior IoT technological obstacles had been overcome and a solid system had been launched, the process would still be plagued by inaccurate data collection. This is because systems record everything, including any anomalies, undesirable incidents, or IoT software failures. The inclusion of such data in analytical data can have a negative impact on decision-making, which in turn has a negative impact on consumers and the company collecting it.”

Steve Scott, CTO at Spreadsheet Planet

  1. Issues with IoT Authentication and Identification

“The number of devices linked to the internet nowadays is in the tens of billions. The exact and secure connection of each of them is one of the issues of IoT, which poses significant security concerns for businesses worldwide. However, because of the task's intricacy, many businesses are concerned about the effectiveness of their gadgets and existing systems. To connect all of these IoT devices to a single platform, a completely new system architecture for authentication and identity is necessary.”

Darshan Somashekar Founder & CEO Solitaired

  1. Cybersecurity

“In my opinion, for a variety of reasons, securing industrial IoT devices is a difficult task in and of itself. As the industrial internet of things grows, so does the attack surface for businesses. If an attack on industrial IoT is successful, not only would sensitive data be exposed, but it will also cause huge physical damage to machines and bring manufacturing organizations' whole production to a halt. As a result, the most pressing problem for IoT technology is security, as breaches affect both individuals and enterprises, leaving them open to financial and operational harm. 

“Most cybersecurity protection products mainly focus on network and cloud vulnerabilities, leaving endpoint and OTA vulnerabilities unprotected. Endpoints are responsible for 70% of all security breaches. While organizations may not be able to prevent all industrial IoT attacks, OTA vulnerabilities and potential points of entry into endpoint devices should be identified, and endpoint devices should be tested using a regularly updated database of known threats/attacks to monitor device response and detect anomalies. The ultimate goal for businesses and their industrial processes is to not only adapt to this rapid change but also to avoid becoming a hacker target.”

Michael Robinson, Security Expert of Cheap SSL Security

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