Best Ways to Purchase a Graphics Card

Neal WeaverOctober 20, 2021
Best Ways to Purchase a Graphics Card

If you are a gamer or work with high-quality graphics, your PC system will require a high-end graphics card. However, with market demand higher than the supply because of the global silicon chip shortage, it’s undoubtedly getting harder to acquire the graphics card you need. We consulted the experts on how you can purchase the graphics card you need, and here are their best tips;

Running Stock Streams

Trying your luck by running stock streams using restock notification tools on online stores to know when the graphics cards are supplied. Another way is by making accounts at major tech retailers and keeping track of their inventory to know when they will be on stock. 

You can also buy a prebuilt PC and sell the other parts to remain with the graphics card. The problem with this way is that it is often expensive, especially if equipped with modern graphics cards, so it is advisable to use this method if you require the other parts or you’re willing to trade.

Katherine Brown, the Founder & Marketing Director Spyic

Sign up and Follow Twitter and Discord Trackers

My best tip for being able to purchase graphics cards at retail value is to sign up and follow Twitter and Discord trackers, where you are able to receive an instant notification the second stock reloads on a multitude of outlets. This is not guaranteed, but I have had a success rate of about 20% with these links. Since April of this year, I have been able to secure a 3060, a 3070, and two 3090’s all at MSRP. 

In addition, I have been able to purchase some older gen graphics cards at less than retail by browsing sites like craigslist and Facebook marketplace. They aren't the newest- but if you aren't interested in buying them for mining or something overpowered- this is a great way to find them at decent prices.

Leo Ramirez, Co-Founder GrubbyCat

The Graphics card is the segment of the computer hardware that produces the display image you view on your monitor. It renders an image to your monitor by converting the data into a signal that your monitor can perceive. So, to receive a smoother display image, you would have to go for a better graphics card. 

If you are a gamer or a video editor, the quality of the display image would be your top priority; in that case, you would have to purchase the best graphics card that you can within your budget. Purchasing the best graphics card is surely not very easy, as the best ones get sold out in the blink of an eye soon after they are launched. Whether the products are up for sale at eBay or Craigslist, they go out of stock very quickly. 

This would surely annoy you if you were about to purchase a new graphics card but couldn’t due to the limited stock. So let’s discuss some of the best ways by which you could easily purchase a Graphics Card. 

By Using Discord and Telegram

You would certainly not be able to purchase a graphics card if you are not even aware that they have been restocked. So in order to get notified about the availability of your desired graphics card, you could use Discord or Telegram.  These have a variety of messaging groups and communities that are dedicated to letting people know when a product is available on the website. You could just be a part of these communities and would be notified about the availability of the product. 

By Using Inventory Trackers

Another way by which you could keep track of the Graphics Card you want to purchase is by using inventory trackers like CamelCamelCamel, HotStock.io, NowInStock.net, and many more. These trackers are very efficient, and they automatically send in emails whenever there is an availability of a Graphics Card, or there is a sudden price drop. So whenever you are notified, you could easily add them to your cart and proceed to checkout with the payment. 

By Entering Into The Newegg Shuffle

The easiest way of increasing your chances of purchasing a graphics card is by participating in Newegg Shuffles. It usually runs from 10.00 AM PT to 12.00 PM PT, on most of the weekdays. You would have to select the products that you want to purchase and enter them into the shuffle. If you are lucky and are selected, you will be notified. If you get notified, you would have to make the payment and checkout within two hours. 

By Entering Into The EVGA Queue System 

The EVGA queue system allows you to purchase cards on a first come first serve basis, and notifies you whenever a new product is in stock. You can also purchase these graphic cards at the list price, without having to spend any extra amount of money. 

Purchasing a new graphics card sometimes gets very difficult as the products go out of stock very soon, due to the huge demand all over. But with the help of these possible solutions, you could easily purchase the best possible graphics card for your PC. 

Atish Ranjan, Feedbeater

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