Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence

Gina WellsJuly 12, 2021,
Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence

The technology taking over the IT world by storm in recent years; is Artificial Intelligence. Computer simulated responses to various situations and applications that are based on algorithms. AI attempts to apply human reasoning to reach a conclusion. However, it does this with mathematical precision.

AI not only aids in human repetitive tasks, but it is also meant to surpass human abilities- in certain areas.

While we can’t expect computers to accomplish everything, they do hold great potential.

To elaborate on the advantages of Artificial Intelligence, both present and future, we brought in the experts.

  1. Automation:

“One of the most widely recognized advantages of AI technology is automation, which has had enormous effects on the communications, transportation, consumer goods, and service industries. Automation not only allows for higher production rates and productivity in various industries, but it also allows for more efficient raw material utilization, better product quality, shorter lead times, and increased safety. Automation can also help to free up resources that can be put to better use.”

Michael Robinson, Security Expert of Cheap SSL Security

“Artificial Intelligence allows a computer program to learn and think. In other words, it is the advanced form of a human being minus the biological body. The benefits that Artificial Intelligence has reaped are enough to revolutionize any professional sector:

  1. Accuracy

“AI helps in reducing human error as computers do not make mistakes if programmed correctly. The decisions are taken from the previously gathered information applying a certain set of algorithms which is helpful in reducing errors thereby an accuracy with a greater degree of precision is a possibility.” (Colin Barker)

  1. Available 24 x 7

“Unlike human beings, an artificial intelligence does not feel tired and henceforth requires no rest. An AI is extremely suitable for Health line centers as they are open throughout the day and night.” (Colin Barker)

  1. Increase in risk factor

“AI can take on risks head on unlike human beings. Many limitations of human beings can be solved by creating an AI robot. For example during the Chernobyl disaster, had we thought of AI robots, it would’ve helped to minimize the effect of radiation.” (Colin Barker)

  1. Digital Assistance

“More often than not, we get stuck at something or a job that entails checking documents can get quite tedious and monotonous. AI comes in handy during such cases. We can communicate with them about what we are looking for. One of the most common examples of an AI is our everyday Google assistant Siri.

“These are some of the basic benefits of Artificial Intelligence. Sometimes these chatbots seem so real that we have a hard time figuring out if we’re talking to a person or not.”

Colin Barker, Co-Founder of Filtersmart.com

  1. Frees Employees of Repetitive Tasks

“As a CTO, I have been working in the tech industry for a long time and one of the problems I have seen businesses encounter is having their employees constantly deal with repetitive tasks every day. In reality, there exist other complex problems in every business that needs to be solved by humans (employees). If employees have to channel their energy and time dealing with repetitive tasks then it means there will be a scale down in productivity. To steer clear of this, AI becomes the ultimate solution whereby all repetitive tasks are automatically executed without employees having to handle them physically.

“Provided the systems are configured properly, execution will be effective. As a matter of fact, there already-exist a wide range of AI-powered automation tools, and many businesses across the world have integrated them.”

Ramakrishna R, The Co-founder & CTO of CureSkin

  1. Automotive

“You've probably heard of self-driving cars, which are a sign that the future is almost here. The driverless experience is no longer science fiction; it is now a reality. According to recent reports, approximately 33 million self-driving vehicles are expected to be on the road by 2040. This can be attributed to artificial intelligence. There are numerous companies around the world that provide cutting-edge autonomous vehicles. They lead the way by utilizing AI and data science techniques. Each day, the vehicles offered by these companies collect more than a petabyte of data in order to continuously ensure the best driving techniques, safety measures, and efficient routes.”

Shiv Gupta, CEO Incrementors SEO

  1. AI-Cameras

“While artificial intelligence seems to be growing exponentially, it is actually built into many of our devices today, including cell phones & most computers. One recent development which is quickly gaining use in many facilities is the body temperature reading camera. These cameras use a form of infrared to detect body temperature and in addition to a local warning of above-average temperature, they can often be programmed to send wireless alerts to cell phones. These same cameras may have built-in AI programs to archive facial recognition and even to react to specific changes that have been programmed, such as a lack of masks, where they may be required.

“Some of these cameras, such as the Sperry West TEMPCAM™, can also be interfaced with access control systems, where the camera will learn who is permitted admittance to a facility, and to trigger an unlock signal to access control.”

Barry Levine Founder & CEO Sperry West A, manufacturer of body temperature warning cameras, body-worn cameras, covert video security cameras & related systems.

  1. Improve the Role of Developers

“It will allow software developers to do different tasks and acquire skills that will enable them to integrate AI into the job. Furthermore, they can use the integrated AI to recognize the gaps in applications, and if there is a requirement for new software, it alerts the team of developers.

Improved software testing: AI enables fast and accurate results in software testing that help fix the bugs before releasing products to the market. It shortens the application development process while ensuring brands give clients high-quality products.

“Its coding enables fast app development: The AI-Based coding tool helps programmers gain new insight into programming, write improved codes, and simplify the development process. AI-powered coding apps such as Deep TabNine, enable developers to build apps fast. Other benefits of AI in the software development process are facilitating automated error management and providing real-time customer feedback to developers.”

Katherine Brown, the Founder & Marketing Director of Spyic

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