: Antidisassemblage Programming Language


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Antidisassemblage Programming Language

Publié par alvas le 07-05-2005

Dan Cook has been developing a new programming language for TI calculators. His result is called Antidisassemblage, a high-level language that is portable across the 82, 83, 83+, 85, and 86. In the words of Dan, it is "similar to C++ and Java" but also resembles TI-BASIC in a few regards. SquirrelBox is the compiler for Antidisassemblage, a Java program that should work on any platform (including Windows and Linux).

The best feature of Antidisassemblage (can you tell I love typing that name?) is that you can simply select which calculators you want to compile for - then it does all the work for you. However, the language has some limitations. There are no multiplication or division operators, no floating-point support, and no native string or character variable types. Previous attempts at a compiled BASIC-like language have not proven popular; it will be interesting to see if Antidisassemblage succeeds.

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