25 Oct 2017 - 05:54:58
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According to the British media revealed that Manchester City has been very close to and de Boulogne on the renewal agreement. Manchester City in the last month and Debraone brokers team started negotiations, they hope in the summer before the World Cup with a long time to lock the players in the club's future.
Before joining Manchester City in 2015, the big Paris was very close to signing de Boulogne, fifa coins in order to build a team to win the Champions League, the French giants still very much hope to be able to introduce the Belgian international.
Goal said that Paris had already expressed his attitude to the brokerage team in De Boulogne and said that if the players were willing, the club would introduce him at the end of the season. Two years ago to leave the wolf fort, the big Paris and de Boulogne had an agreement, but in the end they chose from Manchester United to introduce Dimaliya.
However, the report said that 100% of the city of Bertrand focus on Manchester City, fifa 18 coins and melon handsome to make him particularly happy, which is informed that the contract negotiations for a very smooth reason, Goal said Manchester City sources told their progress is " very close".
Last week, De Boulogne's agent said he would bid for Manchester players for a match with Nei Maer and Mbape, while Goal learned that the new contract weekly in De Boulogne would be more than 25 Million pounds, which is less than the Nei Maer's 600,000 weekly salary a lot less. It is reported that the new contract in Debburne is more than a salary increase, and the year will be extended to 2021.

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