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In the transfer market, Real Madrid and Barcelona are often staged national derby. fifa coins In Isaac, Sevilla, Arsenio and others, Real Madrid laughed at the end, Barcelona is robbed Nei Maer and Luis - Suarez. Now the world knows that Barcelona to buy the striker, Real Madrid, of course, no exception. Barcelona saw every goal, will also receive an invitation from Real Madrid. This scene, in Mbapi, Deng Beilei who staged. Now, the protagonist of this scene has become Di Bara.
In the front line signings, Messi hope that Di Bara can come to Nou Camp, he believes that Di Bala is his ideal successor. Dibala I am a firm Barcelona fans, he is also the fascination of Messi. In the effectiveness of Palermo, Di Bara has said "even if you swim across the Mediterranean are willing to join Barcelona." In the Argentine national team, Di Bala's dream is "and Messi to play a wall match." In the introduction of Mbapi and Deng Beilei after the encounter, Barcelona put the target on the Di Bara body.
Barcelona to buy Di Bara? Florentino immediately quotes. According to the "World Sports Daily" reported that Real Madrid is willing to pay for 80.5 million to 50 million euros transfer fee, but also Kovacic as a take-off to Juventus. Well-known agent Di Maqio also admitted that Kovacchi is one of Juventus's goal, but not the main goal of Juventus.
After Nemal's departure, Barcelona needed to find his successor as soon as he could. Deu Luo Fei Wu is not necessarily Kaopu, Arda - Turan kick the left wing is certainly not Kaopu. But Real Madrid does need a new attacker, Benzema and Bell during the warm-up match this summer, poor performance last season, fifa 18 coins high efficiency Mora La was sold to Chelsea. Even if C Luo has a historical level of scoring efficiency, but Real Madrid can not always rely on this has been 32 years old players.

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