20 Jul 2017 - 08:29:44
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PGL Major group stage ended, G2, Cloud9 and NaVi failed to advance to the legendary group, while Fnatic relied on Flusha's excellent play again into the legendary group.

Cloud 9 16:11 Mouz Recommended index: ★★ ☆☆☆

Asian Gemini turns out, autimatic fire on the train full, the offensive end of the right-hand right scored 7 points, for the Cloud9 fairly normal. And this time in the CT side of the play let people forget Cloud9 is an American team, Skadoodle big spy on the defensive end let chrisJ ashamed.

Rating: Ropz's first Major stop, but its play is still stunning, to prevent Mouz further is the team's two sniper instability play, and Cloud9 want to go further, Nothing probably should follow the first day to share some of the important tasks.

FlipSid3 16:13 Penta Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Slow F3 lucky to break through the FaZe difficulties and the face of Penta group of influential young man. In the side of the train on the offensive end of the train only get 4 points, Ma Ke Luofu some impatient. Fortunately, the second half way Wayer in the ECO Bureau with a FN57 four kill the screen to live in the town, which sounded the horn of the F3 counterattack. Penta paid the price for their youth, lack of patience after a long time to attack, which for the sophisticated F3 is really ezpz.

Rating: Water Friends Blade for six frag, so the performance is not let people give birth to my idea of my line. As for Penta, although Sunny is no longer young, but HS is still a hot genius backup, the future worth looking forward to.

Fnatic 16:12 NaVi Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Map is NaVi and Fnatic's old figure Mirage, the two teams played a wonderful game on this map. Seison and Flamie finally played, but unfortunately Huaguo in the defensive end of the two residues were eaten by the Swedes. And offensive and defensive swap, cs go Verweiscodes to the offensive side of the NaVi old problem still exists, ink, and each other know the root of the Fnatic several times before the use of pressure to master the direction of NaVi attack, troops quickly assembled, so that S1mple and then kill the Quartet The

Evaluation: personal play for the time being, NaVi today's attack has become the biggest stumbling block placed in front of them, maybe they should change the role of positioning. While Fnatic played well today, flusha two key bureau play let them keep the promotion hope.

Astralis 16: 6 G2 Recommended index: ★★ ☆☆☆

French male and Danish gun men came to Inferno Competition, in the face of the Danish sharp offensive, G2 economy has been under control, Kennys until the end of the first half to play a big spy. Easy side battles, the Danish iron-like defense to the French no way to go, a big score lost, G2 can only hope that the last round.

Evaluation: cs go Empfehlungscodes Astralis's strength is still above the other ranks, and G2 need to adjust the map on the BP may be the problem.

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