19 Jun 2017 - 08:48:43
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According to "Aspen" reported that Paris Saint-Germain has provided a one-year fixed-term contract for Pepe, fifa coins in addition to the second year of the contract options. This may make the Portuguese feel dissatisfied, because he chose to leave Real Madrid, is to seek a two-year contract.
"Aspen newspaper" quoted the "team newspaper" reported that Pepe hopes to get a two-year contract, but Klui Yite from the Paris Sports Director's position after leaving, the new director Anteluo - Henrik Do not want to provide a "so long contract", although the two or fellow.
If you sign with Paris, Pepe will compete with Tiago-Silva, Malcolian and young French defender Kim Pembera.
Real Madrid in ten years, Pepe won a total of three Champions League championship. Pepe confirmed that before leaving the team, Real Madrid had to provide one year renewal contract, but he was not satisfied. Portuguese people think that their own fuel tank there are a lot of inventory, but also to the team to make no small contribution, and therefore should get a more generous contract.
Before moving to Real Madrid, Pepe was a member of the Porto team. At the same time, Henrik had served as director of sports at Porto. Thus, the two had had the experience of working together.
At present, Pepe is working with the Portuguese national team to prepare for the upcoming in the Russian Federation Cup. fifa 17 coins Wait until the end of the cup, he will strive to clear their future as soon as possible.

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