07 Jun 2017 - 09:30:14
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In the ESL Premier League (EPL) S5 season start, North team player Magisk accepted the foreign media hltv interview, talked about North's recent struggles, and their expectations for the EPL game.
In this year's three major international events, North did not break the four strong curse. The Battle of Dallas for them is another "break the war".
The IEM Sydney station is a disaster for North. In the first two games they lost to SK Gaming and FaZe, cs go Jackpot Seite Rang the third war they face the world ranked No. 78 Chiefs, who did not think the Australians in the nuke on the 16-13 North sent back to the flight.
"We are very disappointed, but they are really good, we are still a strong team, but that day everyone's performance is not good."
In the EPL regular season, cs go Jackpot Seiten 2017 North got the perfect group, they successfully avoided SK Gaming and G2. After a week of training, Magisk believes that their efforts will be rewarded.
"We are full of confidence in this competition and we have focused on improving the CT side, and we are very pleased with our performance in the EPL regular season, cs go Jackpot Seiten 2017 and we have a smooth track." This also proves our potential - we can become One of the world 's top clan.
Magisk admitted that aizy was not easy to integrate into North, but he believed that every player was in the ascendant period.
"We have really got some problems since we got into the aizy team, and we are trying to solve it in the best possible way, but it's a lot better than we were originally thinking, but fortunately we are on the right path and everyone's performance Is getting better. "
North will play against the mousesports team first.

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