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First of all, we first look at the next CS: GO competitive model of the economic system is how to operate.
CT side:
Victory: wiped out the enemy or T overtime did not install C4 + 3250; remove C4 + 3500, remove the extra +300.
Failure situation: starting from the first game +1400, continuous failure increased by 500 per station until 3400 so far.

T party:
Victory: wiped out the enemy +3250; C4 explosion victory +3500, install C4 additional +300.
Failure: continuous failure and CT side of the same; if the installation of C4 was removed, cs go Jackpot Seiten 2017 the T side of each member +800; if the gun, then the gunner in the next game can not get money reward.
to sum up
CT or T winners will get more rewards, which are very common in competitive games and rules, such as DOTA or LOL in the enemy side of the high ground will send a super soldier, cs go Jackpot Seiten 2017 pushed the enemy building will Get money.
Victory side in accordance with their own skills teamwork to get a victory after the game, of course, need more incentives to pull away with the enemy's economic difference, and thus create their own advantages. And the lost side needs to pass more tactics (such as eco, rush, forcebuy to save the disadvantage).
At the same time, if the death of the slogan in the game if the loss of at least 3700 or 4100 economy, want to buy the same equipment will make your economy has been reduced, even if the final result is one's own victory, the increase in money can not make up You lost after losing the equipment price.
But if each game regardless of winning or losing the results are the same, then the game will become dull. cs go Jackpot Seite Rang No more tactical play was developed, with the props.
For example: the case of bad economy will focus on a point of attack or a point of gambling defense point; change their own stations to establish a certain advantage (such as pistol in the near point of defense to make up for the lack of firearms), both sides Need to think and calculate each other's economy to determine the tactics, otherwise it is easy to comeback.
In fact, this point in the MOBA class game embodies the most prominent, kill the enemy will have incentives, which means that you have better equipment, but better equipment does not mean that your advantage becomes absolute, the enemy can Through other means such as fill the knife development, to play less and so on to restore the situation.
On the contrary, if you kill the opponent can not get advantage, then the meaning of the game?
The significance of competitive games is to continue to accumulate the advantages to win in the final, or through tactics with personal technology to save the disadvantage comeback.
In CS: GO, although you have money, and rarely see people directly from the spy to wait for heavy weapons to suppress opponents, one because of the balance of the game you will not have too powerful weapons, followed by such a choice The price is quite large, a little careless will become a disadvantage for the disadvantage.
So the snowball, the basic is not there, this is not a monopoly game, who can win more than the economy. Economic advantage can have a higher fault tolerance, but the focus of the game is the marksmanship, tactics, with, etc., the economy is only to ensure that you have a certain advantage of the secondary factors Bale.

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