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In the game against Villarreal, Atletico overnight can be described as losing and losing. In the case of absolute superiority, Atletico Madrid finally at home 0 to 1 loss to the yellow submarine. Off the bench of the all-around attacker Carrasco, appeared in 15 minutes after being forced to leave because of injury. "Aspen newspaper" pointed out that the right clavicle injury, Carrasco will be about two weeks off, he is likely to be unable to participate in two against Real Madrid Champions League semi-finals.
Ma Jing Jiugong no less, Simone in the first 56 minutes with Carrasco replaced Corella. Soon after, Carrasco was Lukavina hit the right shoulder, which was so yellow card warning. Carrasco insisted for a moment, but eventually had to indicate the coaching staff substitutions. 71 minutes, Simone replaced Carrasco again. After being replaced, Carrasco went directly to the hospital to check the injury.

Carrasco's injury results are now baked, his right clavicle and no fracture, but was seriously injured, the Belgians need to truce for two weeks or so. This means that Carrasco will certainly miss the Champions League in the first leg of the Champions League next week, he can two weeks after the Champions League battles Real Madrid is still a question mark. In the league, Carrasco will also miss the two games of Atletico and Las Palmas, Ewal.

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