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Beijing time on the afternoon of April 6, FIFA announced the latest issue of the men's soccer world rankings. Brazil national team after a lapse of 7 years to return to the throne of the world, Argentina topped the top position fifa cheap coins ps3 Switzerland ranked second in the top 10. Chinese men's soccer tournament with 1-0 victory over South Korea, ranking up 5, came to the first 81.
FIFA ranking: Brazil 7 years after the first national football rose 5 Asia is still 9

March 28 World Cup Brazil 3-0 home victory over Paraguay, 4 rounds ahead of the 2018 World Cup fifa 17 coins for sale xbox tournament tickets, as in addition to the host Russia, the first qualify for the 2018 World Cup tournament national team. With the World Excellence in the wonderful performance, the Brazilian team ranked 1, after a lapse of 7 years once again boarded the throne of FIFA World No. 1!
Among the top 10 teams in Germany, Chile still remained 3-4, the March World Cup 2-game winning streak of Colombia rose to fifth, Belgium fell two, came to the first seven positions. 6th of France, 8th of Portugal, 10th of Spain remains the same.

AFC, Iran ranked No. 28 in the world, is the boss of Asia. South Korea ranked No. 43, Japan ranked 44th, Australia ranked 50th, Saudi Arabia ranked 52, Uzbekistan ranked No. 60, the Emirates ranked 74th, Syria ranked 80th. The Chinese team is still Asia's ninth, the only difference is that Qatar is national football beyond, but Syria's ranking more than national football.
In the previous rankings, the national football is the world's 86th, 9th in Asia, ranking lower than in North America and the Caribbean region of small countries Saint Kitts and Nevis. Saint Kitts and Nevis in the last FIFA ranking in the first 73, the current rankings, this only 46,000 population of small country mad drop 26, came in the first 99, was national football beyond. idee
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