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Solution ball
Practice: B key, X key, LB key + Y key
Introduction: encountered no other side of the emergency can be sent to the point, then you can consider the rescue station to resolve the field after the crisis.
There are two ways to siege, respectively, is not stingy feet kicked out of the border B key rescue, accurate transmission of the X key to rescue and the ball hanging in the circle or the other side of the field after the rescue.
The former only consider the temporary resolve the crisis, a great chance to lose cligne buy fifa 17 coins xbox one the ball right; who seek to stabilize the ball after the rescue, but it is possible to send the ball to the other midfielder at the foot of the players more tend to get forward players Fight back the opportunity, but also have the opportunity to fall at the foot of the other defensive player.
The most commonly used or X key of the siege, toward the unattended players rescue, to ensure that possession of the ball is not lost.
Over the top of the plug can also consider the use of the ball, this approach clever way, far can be close, varied.
Note: In fact, only two cases of circumstance, one can not think about placement, the second is optional placement.
The former can only choose Bigfoot siege (B key), the latter will have to pay attention to the position of the player empty, if he is in a standing state, then the X key of the siege, if he is running in the process, Siege.

Practice: left joystick, X key, B key
Introduction: grab the way is divided into three, one is the body closing down (left rocker), one is the foot steals (B key), one is the shovel.
The former effect of the best, as long as the personal block, reduce the other side of the shooting angle and pass the opportunity to be able to defend the most peaceful means; who will join the pull shirt (pull), the effect of stepping the foot, once steals The ball is the most violent defensive action, fifa 17 coins for sale xbox when you see each other in the fast run, so that the ball away from his own, and you are in a favorable position, you can use the shovel Steals.
The three interception methods are based on different circumstances, the former is the other side in the slow zone and in the restricted area or gourd top, can only use this approach to reduce the foul; in the restricted area can be used outside the location , But the condition is that the other is in the non-running state; the latter is to ensure that the other side from the foot before the shovel, or prone to foul.
It is worth mentioning that this is against the defensive practice, "FIFA" and "PES" is different, press the A key is to let the defensive player close, and will not let the foot defense, and "PES" AI will help players out of the foot But the "FIFA15, 16, 17", as long as the player to close, only the left joystick (not according to any other key), when the defensive player close to the ball, they will have a chance their own feet (if it is Running state will not make an interception action).
Note: "FIFA17" to strengthen the concept of attack, especially in the pass (the increase in the speed of passing and frenzy and other fist), so the defensive player should pay attention to the formation of the defense, to determine the other side of the next step Break the direction or pass the direction, and then make an interception.
If the other party into the restricted area, you need a personal defense, but also need to take into account the other side of the ball player's post moves.

Goalkeeper welcome
Practice: Y key
Introduction: Once the ball completely crossed our defense, and the other side of the ball players and no offside circumstances, you have to let the goalkeeper to play the last line of defense.
That is to let the goalkeeper camp, as long as the Y key will be able to automatically welcome, and he will lock their own lock the ball.
But at this time the goalkeeper his default is to choose big feet siege, if the ball falls within the absolute range of the goalkeeper, you can choose to press the LT key ball, press the A key short pass (to the nearby defender for the next offensive organization).
Note: Longmen after the welcome is likely to cause a large gap, will lead to the other side of the opportunity to hang the door, so to ensure that the quality of the welcome and reduce the middle of the ball (otherwise the other will form a door position).
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